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Home Furnace Repair Calgary

Your Heating Bills must be appropriate Too.

The first frost of the year comes and that evening the furnace wants to stop working. You wake up to a home icebox and you’re expected to wear your bulky indoor coat and gloves. You want emergency home furnace repair, and fast! To what are you taking turns?

Why pick GSB heating for Home Furnace Repair Service?

We bill by the work, not by the hour, and for repairing emergency furnace there is rarely an overtime fee. Why? For what? Since we know that the fresh, hot thing is low heating bills. We will clarify the issue and discuss your solutions before we start the repair, so you can determine if you want to continue.

GSB heating and cooling Ltd. staffs are fully guaranteed, and we have facilitated trade all brands in the furnace sector. Since we guarantee our job, you can be assured our technicians can complete the furnace repair the first time around completely and professionally. Competent, competent, and courteous support with GSB heating is only a phone call away.

Home Furnace Repair Calgary

Why is My Furnace not working?

Heating equipment is complex because when one part fails it affects the capacity to work of the whole device. GSB heating and cooling Ltd. technicians will help you get even the most vexing furnace issues to the bottom.

Popular reasons for contacting GSB heating and cooling Ltd for emergency repair of furnace include:

  • The furnace does not turn on.
  • The pilot lights are off.
  • During initialization or operation strange sounds come from the furnace.
  • The primary burner won’t light up for longer than three seconds or does not stay lit.
  • Once the burners are lit the blower never turns on.
  • The blower in the furnace continuously turns on.

Won’t Furnace power on? We did the trouble-shooting for you. Below we mentioned the six top reasons why furnaces stop working.

Would all of these problems and associated signs lead to the problem with your furnace?

  • Poor power to the furnace – When the fan may not respond to increasing the temperature of the thermostat, a breaker may have tripped, the wiring may be loose or the connection to the furnace may be switched off.
  • Deteriorating motor–You could hear squeaks and squeals from a failing engine. Saving the furnace from breaking down requires immediate attention from a technician.
  • Primary burner issues – Burners that won’t remain lit are most often caused by dirty flame sensors or blocked condensate drains in condensing furnaces. When the burners are not going to light the gas supply may be turned off at all. Our technicians can only clean main components and make a few changes to patch this.

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